The FrankenBike Mission:

To promote the local cycling community and support local business


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Map Booklets distributed in Austin


Amount that has exchanged hands at our combined events over the past 10 years

FrankenBike Swap Meets

FrankenBike (n) is a free bicycle swap meet that is held at a different location once a month in select cities in the USA

The event is open to anyone who wants to buy, sell or trade bicycles and bicycle related gear or parts.

Frankenbike Swap Meet Photos 1
Frankenbike Swap Meet Photos 2
FrankenBike was founded on June 2005 in Austin, Texas by Chris Gross and is currently active in Austin, San Antonio and Houston.

FrankenBike is free to buyers and sellers alike, and usually held at a local business.

FrankenBike Pub Crawls & Pop-Up Events

Frankenbike Pub Crawls and Pop-up EventsBack in the early days of FrankenBike, we would organize monthly bicycle pub crawls between each of our monthly swap meets.

Starting in May 2015 ( @ The 04 Lounge ) the monthly FrankenBike Bicycle Pub Crawls will ride again. Pub Crawls will be tied directly to our Pop-Up Events.

Ask us about participating in a ride that starts or ends at your business.

FrankenBike Online

Frankenbike Digital Map PlaceholderNew for 2015, the FrankenBike Online digital map will feature the bike-friendly local businesses FrankenBike recommends for Eating, Drinking & Playing.

On this mobile-friendly digital map people who visit our website will be able read information about your business, click on your website link, and ultimately make plans to Eat, Drink & Play at your business.

This new digital map allows us to really deliver our combined community message to the masses. We are very impressed with the beta maps we have been working on and we are certain you will be, too.

FrankenBike Austin Map Books

FrankenBike Booklet InsideFrankenBike prints and distributes map booklets in Austin, Texas. The 2016 FrankenBike Austin Maps Booklets will consist of 8 pages in an 8.5"x11" booklet with our map in the center.

The booklet has display ads on pages 2, 3, 6, and 7.

50,000* of these Maps/Booklets will be printed and then distributed at FrankenBike and other bicycle events, 25+ bicycle shops, at many of the 70 local businesses listed on the Maps.

Booklets are also distributed at UT, St. Edwards University, ACC, 1st Saturday at Independence Brewing Co., and other locations throughout the Austin Metro Area from February 2016 through December 2016.

FrankenBike Map Booklet Cover

FrankenBike Map Booklet Cover

FrankenBike Map Booklet Display AdsFrankenBike Map Booklet Display Ads
FrankenBike Map Booklet Sponsors Map

FrankenBike Map Booklet Sponsors Map

*12,000 of the 50,000 Maps will be distributed as inserts into the Daily Texan UT School News Paper in 2 groups of 6000 each. We are currently working on a deal to have distribution in several of the down town hotels.

Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities

Two-Line Business Listing

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Distribution: 50,000 Map Booklets

Logo + Two-Line Business Listing

Ads Ops 2 Logo + Two-Line Business Listing thumbnail

Distribution: 50,000 Map Booklets

Full-Color Display Ads

Ads Ops 3 Full-Color Display Ads

2015-2016 Austin Distribution: 50,000 Map Booklets

FrankenBike Event Sponsorship

Ad Ops 4 FrankenBike Event Sponsorship tn

OEM Sponsorship

Ad Ops 5 FrankenBike OEM Sponsorship tn

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